Virtual Reality

Enversed challenges you to create an awesome virtual reality experience which combines sport and movement with fun and entertainment.

People visiting their center are looking for experiences that encourage to player or team to improve. The “I want to try this again and get better!”-feeling, is what they are looking for. Teamwork, sensory feedback and the feeling of a sport achievement are things their visitors value greatly.

These kinds of experiences can be created with regular room-scale VR, but to give you more options they are also bringing 2 ergometer rowing machines. This does not mean they want a rowing simulator though, they are looking for something original.

The following will be available:

  • Homido VR glasses (for smartphones)
  • 1x HTC Vive
  • 2x Oculus Rift
  • Kinect camera
  • Arduino
  • 2x Pillo dev-kit controller
  • Enversed Unreal Engine 4 basic game (Rowing VR)
  • The winning entry will help Enversed to see sport & virtual reality in a fresh perspective. It is able to combine their key-values into one concept. The concept shows a feasible idea that can be implemented and improved in the Enversed virtual reality experience center at Strijp-S in Eindhoven.

    Some criteria:

    • Originality
    • Design concept
    • Teamwork
    • VR Audience engagement
    • VR Gameplay
    • Movement/sport implementation
    • Demo Quality
    • Feasibility

    The winning team will win:

    • A VR all-in game experience for 18 people at the Enversed VR experience center
    • A ticket to participate in our Dutch Design Week expo
    • The possibility to further develop the concept in the VR experience center

    The 2nd prize team will get:
    • A VR all-in game experience for 6 people at the Enversed VR experience center